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Operational Energy Intelligence

Understand what is contributing to the energy bill, know how efficiently energy is being used in daily operations, uncover hidden energy cost drivers, and minimize Global Adjustment charges using device-level visibility with our real-time energy intelligence solution, eC4.

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Smart Industrial IoT

Integrate devices, machines and sensors via the Internet using the eC4 Intelligent Node to realize a connected enterprise.


Augmented Reality and Automation using Wearables

Use advanced machine vision, Augmented Reality and wearable technologies to remove human errors, stress and subjectivity in complex manufacturing tasks.

Get 10-25% energy savings within 1 year at no capital expense!

Uncover hidden energy costs and minimize energy leakage at the equipment level.

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Our Success Stories

A prestigious school in the UK reduces its peak demand and energy consumption costs by 12-20%. eC4 was implemented across multiple facilities in the school and allowed management a ‘drill-down’ understanding of the institution’s daily energy use.
A major international chiller OEM opted for eC4 as the standard to quantitatively and qualitatively track the performance of its water-cooled screw chillers. In addition to providing granular visibility into chiller performance, eC4 enabled an improvement in COP from 3.5 to 5.6!
eC4 was instrumental in proactively diagnosing previously unknown energy leakage in the lighting subsystem of a UK Government building, thus allowing energy cost savings of 20%!
A Global telecom leader realizes energy savings of 10% and maintains critical ambient temperature and humidity conditions for hardware testing using eC4.